Each customer is assigned to a delivery route.  As a general rule, we deliver every 2-4 months to cooking and hot water accounts (these are part of our “All Deliveries”) and every 25-30 days to heating accounts (these are our “Winter Deliveries”).   This may vary depending on your usage.   All route schedules are approximate and subject to change up to 7 days in either direction.   We ask that you plan ahead at least 1 week when making delivery arrangements.   Which Route am I in? (Click ticket below to enlarge)

It is ultimately your responsibility to contact us to be sure you don’t miss delivery.   If you miss delivery and need an off-schedule delivery or a run out results, there will be extra charges.   Budget Payment Plans help reduce missed deliveries by reducing the stress of higher bills.   Please call or email us for budget or pre-buy options, which may be available to you.

Please have this information ready when contacting us:
Tank % – to find your tank %, lift the cover on the tank, the gauge is a float gauge which sits flush with the tank, let us know where the needle is pointing.   LP tanks are full at about 80%.   Please keep in mind that the gauges are a tool and may be subject to malfunctioning or sticking.
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